Wine is sunlight, held together by water. -- Galileo Galilei.

In vino veritas.

La Combe Des FousThere is a “sweet spot” in our upper vineyard where the topsoil is fertile and deep and the sun exposure is terrific. The canes tend to grow longer and the berries and clusters of fruit seem a bit plumper than in the other areas of the vineyard ... and is a perfect spot for harvesting the Syrah fruit that goes into the making of this delightful, dry Rosé.

After the fruit is hand-harvested by Squire and Suzy (and any unfortunate souls who might happen to be staying in the Cottage), Squire then cold-soaks and whole-cluster presses the fruit to separate the juice from the skins and seeds. Yeast is then added and the juice ferments in our temperature-controlled stainless tank until 7 Brix (sugar) and then transferred to neutral French Oak to finish fermentation. It is very much a French-in-style dry Rosé with no residual sugar and is very appetizer-friendly. Low alcohol, robust acid structure!

Matt's Notes

08. 04. 2017

2017 Futures

Post bottling glass of the red blend while checking out new Grenache quadrant.

08. 04. 2017

Somebody has to do it!

Guess who the new guy is?

08. 04. 2017

Skill Position

Learning fast

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