Wine is sunlight, held together by water. -- Galileo Galilei.

In vino veritas.

Nine StonesThe word “Mistelle” is from the Latin-based noun “mixtvm”, meaning “the mix”…(you might have figured that one out….) We owe homage to Pride Family Winery for exposing us to this wondrous, unique after-dinner beverage made from freshly pressed Viognier juice. Where Pride Winery adds brandy to fortify and stop the fermentation, GlenLyon uses grape spirits as the agent to make this one-of-a-kind dessert “wine”. The sexy bottle alone is worth the price of admission!

Matt's Notes

08. 04. 2017

2017 Futures

Post bottling glass of the red blend while checking out new Grenache quadrant.

08. 04. 2017

Somebody has to do it!

Guess who the new guy is?

08. 04. 2017

Skill Position

Learning fast

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