Wine is sunlight, held together by water. -- Galileo Galilei.

In vino veritas.

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SanthomasLexy's Toast Brut Nature (pronounced's a French thing) is a low in sugar Sparking Wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Why did we make it? Lexy (grumble grumble) has to keep a diet low in sugar, so she started researching extra dry brut Sparkling Wines, resulting in a total obsession with Brut Nature!

What does it taste like? The wine is still made in the tradition of Method Champenoise, but has been tweaked it in an avant-garde way that allows the grapes to truly speak for themselves.

We have used our GlenLyon Hog Wilde Chardonnay as the liqueur d'expedition (dosage) to add intriguing exotic fruit overtones to the bubbles. As always, Lexy's Toast Wines are best served with a healthy dose of creativity! "Don't Burst My Bubble. Just Drink It!"

Sonoma-CutrerThe wine, very much in the style of the French Chardonnays of Grand Cru Chablis, undergoes only a portion of ML (the conversion of the wine’s acid from malic acid to lactic acid) to maximize the wonderful mouth feel. The Chardonnay is typically kept in barrel for six to nine months. It is a Chardonnay where the fruit is allowed to shine through; it is mouth-watering, crisp, acid-balanced, low alcohol, and most-often reveals a hint of lemon-zest, peach and dried apricot.

Lyeth ChardonnayIn keeping with our fascination for Rhone varieties, we are fortunate to source this wonderful Viognier from Margaret Gokey, whose two-acre vineyard rests at the foot of the Mayacamus Mountain range. We have been delighted with the quality and now give this wine its own Vineyard Designation: “Margaret’s Vineyard”.

It is a crisp Viognier, harvested a bit on the early side resulting in low alcohol and well-balanced acid. Many Viogniers, harvested late, have a heavy floral aroma that almost overwhelms the fruit. GlenLyon’s style (because we harvest early) focuses on the wonderful fruit qualities.

This is Suzy’s FAVORITE wine on the planet!

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