Wine is sunlight, held together by water. -- Galileo Galilei.

In vino veritas.

Lyeth ChardonnayIn keeping with our fascination for Rhone varieties, we are fortunate to source this wonderful Viognier from Margaret Gokey, whose two-acre vineyard rests at the foot of the Mayacamus Mountain range. We have been delighted with the quality and now give this wine its own Vineyard Designation: “Margaret’s Vineyard”.

It is a crisp Viognier, harvested a bit on the early side resulting in low alcohol and well-balanced acid. Many Viogniers, harvested late, have a heavy floral aroma that almost overwhelms the fruit. GlenLyon’s style (because we harvest early) focuses on the wonderful fruit qualities.

This is Suzy’s FAVORITE wine on the planet!

Matt's Notes

08. 04. 2017

2017 Futures

Post bottling glass of the red blend while checking out new Grenache quadrant.

08. 04. 2017

Somebody has to do it!

Guess who the new guy is?

08. 04. 2017

Skill Position

Learning fast

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